Online Game Roleplaying 09 Jun 2021



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Game Roleplaying Text-based Fantasy 09 Jun 2021



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Unity3D Abandoned Game 09 Jun 2021


(TODO) a single-player puzzle/construction game

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Unity3D Symphony Abandoned Game 09 Jun 2021


Shopkeeper is a game that never went beyond very early playtesting. In this game, you run a fantasy shop. The one where the heroes buy their +1 swords and sell the loot they took from the dungeon. The game pre-dates similar games that became popular a few years later, such as Shoppe Keep (first ve…

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Game Abandoned Roleplaying Text-based 09 Jun 2021


Legends is a game of storytelling. Nowhere in the game does anything happen because of a button click or a mouse movement. Everything in the game happens through narration. The game was conceptualized as a forum-game on the BattleMaster forum, continuing a game concept from SpellMaster times. Th…

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Unity3D Abandoned Published Game 08 Jun 2021

Black Forest (first version)

Up to 20 families would struggle to survive against nightly monster attacks. The nasty element was that both cooperation and betrayl were viable strategies, and at certain points you would re-evaluate. Maybe you did well with cooperating so far, but now... today (each turn was one day) it would ben…

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Game Roleplaying Pen and paper 08 Jun 2021


Another pen-and-paper roleplaying game, Amber Diceless Roleplaying by Erick Wujcik, for which I wrote homebrew rules and some more character details, etc. The page also contained character logs, quotes and so on from our regular group. All this content is in German, and on its own mini-page. home…

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Pen and paper Fantasy Game Roleplaying 08 Jun 2021

The Riddle of Steel

While playing Driftwood Publishing's The Riddle of Steel roleplaying game with my regular gaming group, I wrote a couple of homebrew rules, adventures and other contributions. They can all be found on their own mini-page. My homebrew rules, adventures and other contributions to Driftwood Publishi…

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Game Published Cards 08 Jun 2021

Champion of Earth

In 2018, I talked with Thomas Jowett about an idea and then we went on to build it. Champion of Earth was born. Thomas had access to the publishing opportunities and graphics designers and the result is a beautiful card game. My work was in game design here. Many of the gameplay mechanics are eithe…

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Roleplaying Text-based Game Published 08 Jun 2021

Mystic Arena

This is the old/original website of Mystic Arena. It was an e-mail based roleplaying/gladiator-combat game that I wrote many years ago (1997 or so), originally for a couple of my friends to have some fun. It became popular, then famous, through word-of-mouth alone, and soon was an international gam…

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